Half-Gallon Colloidal Silver Generator-ULTRA (CSG-ULTRA-HG)


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The Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator – ULTRA (CSG-ULTRA) is the first automatic colloidal silver generator on the market with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The Atlasnova CSG-ULTRA monitors the flowing current (micro amps), the number of hours of operation and the estimated Parts Per Million (PPM). It even checks the purity of your distilled water before it starts making colloidal silver. Yes, the CSG-ULTRA has the capability of accepting OR rejecting your distilled water, based on its purity. Powered by a universal power supply. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.



With the Atlasnova CSG-ULTRA, there is no need to use a TDS or EC meter to check the parts per million (PPM) of your colloidal silver. You also don’t need a digital meter to check the current flowing while making colloidal silver. All you need is the Atlasnova CSG-ULTRA!

The Atlasnova CSG-ULTRA has two (2) modes of operations – the RIGHT MODE and the LEFT MODE. It will  produce a half-gallon of at least 10 ppm in 7 hours(RIGHT MODE) and a 50 ppm of crystal clear, high quality colloidal silver in 10 days (LEFT MODE). Our CSG-ULTRA has the capability of accepting or rejecting the purity of your distilled water based on its purity. If it accepts your distilled water, it will continue the process of making colloidal silver. If it rejects your distilled water, it will inform you through a message on the LCD.

The Half-Gallon Colloidal Silver Generator-ULTRA (CSG-ULTRA-HG) includes:

To complete the parts and equipment in making colloidal silver using our CSG-ULTRA,  you need to purchase distilled water.

DISCLAIMER: Our CSG-ULTRA and the colloidal silver it will generate are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Please consult your physician if you have a medical problem.