Frequently Asked Questions

They are both 9999 (99.99%) Pure Silver Wire. The 10 gauge is thicker than the 12 gauge. The 10 gauge has a greater surface area and will last longer than the 12 gauge.
Definitely! Because 9999 is 10 times the purity of 999.
Slightly yellow is okay to use. Start using your laser pointer and when you see a strong beam, stop the process. You will have smaller particles that way, which is better.
Sorry, but the CSG1 is designed only for use with its own special 9-volt AC adapter as a separate model. You can check our CSG-1AC for the adapter version of what you have. You can try a different brand of battery or consider the use of rechargeable batteries.
To make sure that you are buying genuine Atlasnova laser pointers and not counterfeit Atlasnova laser pointers, always insist on seeing the FDA sticker before purchasing any laser pointer. Our pointers have our company’s name and address on each FDA sticker. And our laser pointers are manufactured from Taiwan and NOT in China!
They are identical including a high quality collimating lens except that the 635nm wavelength appears brighter to the human eye than the 650nm wavelength. The 635nm laser diodes are hard to produce and are seldom available. They are especially sought after by collectors and those instructors who teach in an environment of high ambient light.
The APC pointers have a negative feedback circuit (APC = Automatic Power Control) that ensures that the output power will not exceed 5mW. This makes them more suitable for indoor use. It has a small green LED placed just above the “ON” button to show when the pointer is radiating. You need to start with a unit that has a nominal output of say 10-15mW and incorporate a sensor after the MCA and send a voltage back to the driver circuit that will establish a “set point” that represents a certain output level. The driver circuit then adjusts the current to the pump diode to achieve that level. This is in addition to the photodiode that is in the pump diode assembly itself which is used to keep the pump diode from going crazy (chaotic non-linier device that it is). An additional benefit feedback with headroom has is that the device is no longer subject to the “cool-down” rule and may be kept on continuously.
Here is a link from Laser Institute of America that will be helpful: CLICK HERE

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