About Us

Atlasnova sells the purest available 9999 silver wire for making colloidal silver, colloidal silver generators, and the best green and red laser pointers.

Our laser pointers are manufactured in Taiwan, while our Pure 9999 (99.99%) silver wire is refined in the United States based on our specifications. Each and every batch of our silver wire is tested with an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. A certificate of analysis accurate to parts per billion is included with your order of our silver wire. Our Colloidal Silver Generators are designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States.  We ship our products Worldwide!

Atlasnova was founded in 1999 starting off slowly on eBay. The high-quality of the Atlasnova pointers spread quickly by word of mouth. Since we make our own colloidal silver, we decided to offer the same silver wire we are using and designed colloidal silver generators that are easy to use. Our latest colloidal silver generator, the CSG-ULTRA is the first and the only completely automatic colloidal silver generator on the market with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) indicating its operation at every stage.

What people say about themselves and their business should be taken with a grain of salt, especially here on the Internet. Atlasnova has also generated customers from Amazon.com. Here’s what our amazon.com customers say about Atlasnova. CLICK HERE

By our commitment, integrity, honesty, excellent customer service, experience and expertise, Atlasnova has established a great business relationship with customers worldwide!  Our current count of individual customers worldwide is over 100,000 people.