Atlasnova RED Laser Pointer with White LED Penlight


This is a two in one laser pointer – a red laser pointer with white LED penlight. In black with silver trim finish. Made in Taiwan.

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  • Class Type: Class IIIa
  • Wavelength: 650nm
  • Maximum output power: <5mW
  • Battery source: 2 pieces of AAA batteries (included)

All metal construction. Focus is pre-set to maintain a small dot size even at maximum range.

To make sure that you are buying a genuine Atlasnova red laser pointer with white LED penlight (LP-WLP), always insist on seeing the FDA sticker before purchasing any laser pointer. Our LP-WLP has our company’s name and address on each FDA sticker. This is our LP-WLP’s FDA sticker attached to each laser pointer as it leaves the factory.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Please use your laser pointer responsibly. Use your laser pointer to point at projection screens and wide monitors. Do not drop your laser pointer on a hard surface. Do not look into the path of the laser beam. Direct eye contact with a laser beam may cause eye injury! Do not direct your laser pointer at cars, airplanes or other vehicles, windows of houses, around the eyes of any person or animal, mirrors or other highly reflective surfaces—the beam will be reflected to an unknown location. Keep the laser pointer out of the reach of children. Not a toy.  Not for children.  Modifying or tampering with the laser pointer components can cause a malfunction.

WARRANTY: The LP-WLP comes with a 30-day warranty. Removal or attempt to remove the FDA sticker, dropping the laser pointer, scratches, or any attempt to disassemble the laser pointer, will void the warranty.