Atlasnova Green Laser Pointer Remote Switch


Our customers who bought green laser pointers use the remote switch by mounting the pointer on the telescope itself. The remote switch allows them to turn the laser pointer on and off without disturbing the alignment of the telescope. Made in Taiwan.

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Remote Switch for Astronomers

Remote Switch for Astronomers

NOTE: The laser pointer pictured above is not included. Laser Pointer sold separately.

Instruction for the Use of the Remote Switch:

  1. Remove the end cap of the laser pointer (where you insert the batteries).
  2. Replace the end cap with the remote switch.
  3. On the other side of the laser pointer, roll the two (2) o-rings over onto the body of the laser pointer. Position the two (2) o-rings so that the normal “on” button is continuously pressed down.
  4. Press the pressure switch. This will serve the same function as the “on” button.

Please keep in mind that the pressure switch is intentionally designed so that it must be firmly pressed for the laser pointer to come on. This is to insure that the laser beam is not accidentally turned on.

NOTE: The remote switch only works with Atlasnova Green Laser Pointers.